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Businesswoman named “Katherine the Great” and “Superwoman” by the British Press tells Davos world leaders to invest in people and use Coaching.

“The human dynamic in any organisation defines it. Culture is not created by technology, powerpoint presentations or numbers on a spreadsheet. It is our people that create the long-lasting and sustainable threads that will continue to be woven throughout our organisational histories. Periods such as these will be defined by the leadership that is displayed. In essence, when the going gets tough, the fundamental difference between the right sort of leadership and the wrong sort will be exacerbated.

It will be a courageous leader who continues to focus on the investment in human capital during the coming months. Of all leadership traits, courage is one of the most vital, it differentiates leaders from followers. It will be ever more important to make the right decisions. In order for companies to gain true competitive advantage, they will need to attract, retain and develop the right people. Regardless of role or title, we owe it to all our people to enable them to maximise their performance potential.

It will take a courageous leader in these troubled and uncertain times, to take the long-term view and continue to develop their people. It is perhaps too easy to focus on the short-term and for many, this is exactly what they will be doing. However, it is precisely at moments such as this that leaders should be seeking to fulfil the potential of the people who they lead”.


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