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Do you get my emagazine? Coaches Mojo is not for everyone.  It’s for those who don’t like to to sit still with the same old thinking, and want to find new and better ways to improve every part of their world. Coaches Mojo is dedicated to the people that are prepared to roll up their sleeves and take action. Its for those restless people who like to go against the grain to succeed + that means those that are or want to be MOTIVATED.

It will be delivered to your inbox every Tuesday morning. With features in business, health, well being, play, community, technology and books, Coaches Mojo is a mix of creativity to get you THINKING over your goals.

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One book I recommend time and time again – in fact I have bought so many as I always end up providing clients a copy, is “How Life Imitates Chess” by Garry Kasparov.

Here’s a handful of great quotes from the book – this should help you understand why I think it is relevant to Leaders:

“The key to success – it’s not enough to work hard and to study late into the night. You must also become intimately aware of the methods you use to make decisions” and….

“Self-awareness is essential to being able to combine your knowledge, experience and talent to reach your full potential” – I love that and its absolutely true, without self-awareness it will be very difficult to reach your potential – this is a key area of my coaching progra.

“A CEO must combine analysis and research with creative thinking to lead his company effectively” and “No matter how sure you are with your conclusions you must back it up with analysis”.

And here he is on goal setting and planning “what is critical is to find our own paths to reach our peaks, to develop our talent, improve our skills and to seek out and conquer challenges we need to push us to the highest levels. And to do all this we first need a plan”

and on teams, structure and processes…..”ordered systems lose less energy than chaotic systems. If our pieces work together they can better transform one advantage into another without losing quality”.

And finally “results are the feedback from the quality of our decisions”.

If you have not read this great book I encourage you to go and do so – all my clients quote from it and have learnt from it – now its your turn…

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