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PJ Barnum once said “something terrible happens if you don’t promote yourself” so with that in mind I want to share a comment I received on my Wisdom Notes 

Hi Colin,

I just finished reading the Wheel of Time Wisdom Notes.  I wanted to ask if you want feedback from me and reflection about it?  I have thoughts and opinions about everything and it’s my job to be forthright with them.  I thought I’d ask what type of reflection you might look for about these notes.
I will tell you  – I skimmed through the whole thing and the excitement was so great that I closed it up.  Then I went back and read it again – feeling the same level of excitement mixed with awe.  Who ARE YOU that you put this together?!  
For me personally, almost every single point in this issue resonates with something I’m working on growing in my life right now.  I absolutely love it.  It feels like the best part of graduate work – the stuff one gets to love and be passionate about as they learn something they love.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and will read it a hundred times.  I can see ways to incorporate it into my professional life, personal life, conversation with my husband as we grow together.  
A question, am I paying $45.00 a month or for the year.  For some reason I think it was for the year – and, um, you can’t possibly be planning to send 12 of these out for $45.00.  That just isn’t right.  $45.00 isn’t a correct appreciation for this work.  I mean, it’s like a mini book.  Those are the things I can tell you right at this moment.
Let me know if you’d like other thoughts and reflections.
You really have a gift.  I’m honored to be the recipient of it through your work here.
In fact there are 2 Wisdom Notes per week for 1 year..and I hope that many others can benefit like Laura then my work is moving in the right direction.
Send me an email if you would like a sample – colin.udelewis (at) mindtram.com

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